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New computer

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Trapper Zoid


While there's not many computer places open this first week of January, the uni computer store managed to build a cheap but reasonably good system for me in a single day, so I've got a computer again. While it's not the most powerful system around, and it had to be AGP based to support my old video card, it is an Athlon 64 and everything new is about twice as powerful or as big (double the RAM, double the HD space) as the old parts they replaced (which is my usual metric for upgrading), and it cost less that $700 (computers certainly have gotten cheaper over the last several years). Hopefully this one will last me for at least three years too.

It will still take me at least a full day to get everything installed again though, which is a pain. It's also annoying not having a proper internet connection; I have to use the system provided by the postgrad college that I'm staying at, and it's overpriced and a bit cumbersome to use. I can't seem to set it up today, so I'm forced to use my office computer again for internet. At least I was diligent enough to backup my data partition to my USB hard drive and several CD-ROMs before Christmas, so I haven't lost any of my work.

There is one thing that I'm slightly worried about, given my usual mindset of paranoid and my newbie-ness with playing with the internals of PCs. Since I got a bare-bones system I didn't get any case fans, and I'm not sure how hot my Athlon 64 3000 with my Radeon 9700 Pro will get (especially with the summer heatwave season already started here). I'm not planning on overclocking anything, and the new case I got is a lot better designed for ventilation than the old one, but given my cluelessness on this matter I'm a bit unsure. I do have a spare case fan I installed in my old case to compensate for it's bad design, but I'm a bit wary of putting my cursed hands anyware near the internals of my new computer given how I screwed up that memory upgrade, and there are fans attached to the video card and CPU anyway. Would you recommend that I put another fan or two in there?
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