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More Whistler

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4 shall go, and four shall be the number, not 3, not 5, but 4. And of those four, one shal shatter his shoulder, and one shall have to spend the day amongst the healers atending to the first, and shall not ski. And a third shall also twist his knee on the first day, and have to receive care from the followers of Hippocrates. And after the first day, only one shall have done a full day's efforts against nature's white mantle, and at the end of the first day only two shall be uninjured. Those two shall apply themselves to the consuming of generous quantities of alcohol, which will lead to one purging his insides several times before the ride of the flaming star, and lead to his frolicking with morpheus for most of the day. At the end of the second day, only one shall have continued the war on powered water, and two shall decide to flee the mountain earlier than expected. And by the third day only one shall have kept the struggle, and he shall be bloody tired.

And now what you came here for, pictures:

Seventh Heaven 1

Seventh Heaven 2

Mostly fresh snow

Nice trees all around

It's cold at the top

Elevation, three hundred meters

P.S. This time, no skis were injured during the filming of this journal.
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I would be in heaven right now if I could go where those pictures were. It would be nice to be alone on a mountain away from the computer for a while. Best I can do is use them as my wallpaper if you don't mind hehe.

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No problem - let me know if you'd like higher resolutions, those pics are roughtly 40% the original size.


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