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## frown

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Well. This week Damian was here. It hasn't been a good week.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great that Damian is here, but things just didn't seem to go right. It all started on Tuesday when my truck ran out of gas on my way home. That's my own stupid fault, I know, but that didn't upset me. What upset me was when I put some gas in it and it still wouldn't start. The engine would turn, it just wouldn't keep going. Eventually it just stopped doing that. All the cranking wore out the battery. Trying to jump start the truck did nothing. So later that night me and my dad ended up having to tow the truck home.

That pissed me off.

Wednesday came around. Time to troubleshoot the truck. After hours and hours on a battery charger, the damn truck wouldn't do anything. Turning the key used to result in a click at least. Now, nothing. wtf. We determine that maybe the starter had gone bad. Or not, maybe the solenoid. So we bypass the solenoid and the same thing happens. We determine that the start needs to come out and get looked at.

That pissed me off. That's not a cheap fix either.

This morning comes around, 9:30am I have to wake up and crawl under the truck first thing. I remove the starter (heavy son of a bitch, that is). We open up the starter and we see the problem. On the inside of the starter are four little ... trapezoidal looking metal pieces, which are contacts for some metal thingy in there. Two had broken off. Thankfully those contacts can be replaced rather cheaply and easily. And just to make sure, we bought a new solenoid. All in all, $15 was spent. We rebuilt the starter, put it back in the truck, and it starts better than it ever has.

Truck fixed, but three days of Damian's visit was spent at home in front of the TV since we had no vehicle to take us anywhere while both parents were working.

So today it's fixed, but it's also his last day here. Tomorrow AM I'm driving him back to New Mexico. That makes me sad. Really really sad. :( blah :(

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I am going to bet the metal trapezoidal things were armature brushes. =)

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