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Sir Sapo


Hello everyone!

Today was a mixed bag for me, on one hand, I got my checkride in the airplane I was flying, and now I can fly it solo (It's waaay easier to fly than the first plane I soloed in), but on the other hand, I got next to nothing done for our newest gaming endeavor.

Mark and I bickered for around an hour about how the game should work. I wanted the game to be alot simpler than he wanted, and we each argued our points for a while, and then struck an uneasy truce (which will probably fall apart tomorrow because we weren't quite on the same page). Mark wants the game to have a really deep customization and battle system, while I want to focus on a more "Advance Wars" style game.

Anyways, I was going to try and get some visuals running, but my PNG Texture manager that I wrote kept crashing my program before I could get anything even onscreen (UPDATE: Fixed it, turns out I was trying to create textures before I initialized OGL).

The Strategy Game is going to be split up between 3 "screens":

-The Strategic Screen (See various solar system and move fleets)
-The System Screen (Move various fleets inside solar systems)
-The Tactical Screen (Where ship vs. ship combat takes place)

Well, due to popular demand (or extreme boredom), Mark has thrown together a little .zip of all the unused sprites for the tank game we were working on. Read the readme if you're wondering why the sprites are laid out like they are, I'm too tired to explain. Anyways, here's the zip ------>CLICKY

Anywho, talk to you guys later!
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