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Scrolling Marbles, Fire Track ROM

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Fire Track

Prompted by a PM from evolutional, I rebuilt a working-ish version of Fire Track.


Keys should be fairly self-explanatory; hold down button 1 and 2 as the ROM loads to get access to a cheat screen. Of course, you'll need an emulator; Emukon is a highly advanced, but suprisingly fast emulator (fast in that it lets me run GG ROMs at full speed on an old Pentium PC).

I will be uploading all the source and tools in a zip at some point so you can experiment with some of the other features if need be.

Marble Madness
I started work on a 4-way smooth scrolling tilemapper last night for use with the Marble Madness project (for the main view) and have come up with a fairly simple, but sufficiently fast mapper.

The GIF is a little wasted as the level is only 128 pixels wide, and on a 96 pixel wide display this doesn't give much room for showing off the smooth x-scrolling. Having never written a mapper like this (only basic, slow horizontal scrolling and vertical scrolling, never together) it was quite an experience, but not as hard as I'd thought.

I have cobbled together a basic editor that allows me to edit the map, and that takes a folderfull of GIF files and exports a binary sprite resource file. Hooray RAD with C#!

It looks like I'm going to need a lot of sprites... [sad]

As for this crashing and burning - Fire Track failed because of my absolute lack of music skill; also, the game was too hard to be any fun.

Marble Madness is just a set of ideas; I'm not comitted to it (hence no "official" announcement to any TI people, kv83!)
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Recommended Comments

I am in awe that someone is making marble madness for the TI-83. Keep up the good work and ++ for your efforts thus far.

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Very cool, thanks for FireTrack Ben! I'll have a go at finding a GP2X emu and running it on there :)

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the rom rocks. Its really great, the few bugs (no enemy sprites next to the points) are not touching gameplay, only thing that sucked: the sound. :D

well MM looks pretty good already. about the tiles: are you using transparent tiles. if so you would need less tiles.

Good luck for this project ;)

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