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Journals are fun :)

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After figuring out that I could edit stuff in my journal, I decided to have a little fun with it. It looks better than just another generic journal out there, gives it a little personality.

Anyways, time to get to the point. For the past few weeks now during the games design/development we have nicknamed the project "UNNAMED" basically because we havent taken the time to give the game its actuial name. Ive grown very tired of reading through the design doc and finding the game being called UNNAMED around 100+ times. So since im not the best at deciding names, and I would like to get as much involvement from the community as possiable (even the non-journal owners) I have decided that the best thing I can do is have a little vote here on what YOU think the game should be named as. We arent offering money / nor do you get 10 free copys of a game that doesent exist yet, but you do get the chance to lend your help to a fellow indie developer, and your name in the credits to boot! I figure if your going to try and name the game it would be best to know a little bit about whats going on here, so here is a few snipits from the design doc to try and give you a feel for the game:


This game is trying to apply to both new gamers and old. It will try and cater to the older fans of Pong style games while trying to appeal to the neo-gamer with newer gameplay techniques and styles.

Unnamed is a game where you start of by creating your kingdom. You choose your color, talbard design, king, and voice to customize your playing experience. Durning the story you travel the world defeating kingdoms to make yourself the most feared army around. Multiplayer may be an option. The gameplay itself will be similar to the popular arcade game Pong, where you stand oposing your enemy while juggling a projectile back and fourth against each other. You play as a knight defending your king, standing atop a castle, against an apposing knight doing the same. The object of the game is to destroy the opposing enemys castle and capture there king. After defeating a kindom it becomes yours, allowing you to battle another ajesent kingdom. During the game powerups can be collected (by hitting peasents, other knights, etc...) running through the field. The knights themselves bounce back and fourth a boulder flung from one sides catapult. The powerups provide special abilitys (knocking the opposing enemy down with a direct shot, chosing the tragectory* of the rock, archers shooting towards the opposing castle) which are used to help collapse the enemys castle.

The difference between this and any basic pong game is story, variation, and attention to detail. Many Pong styled games dont try to innovate while we are striving to add life to the gameplay, instead of recreating it. We also pride ourselves on our attention to detail, creating an enriching and enjoyable gameplay experience throughout.

The game takes place on one continent of the games world. On the continent the world is broken into many smaller kingdoms on different terrain.

Here is a current listing of names that we have thought up or have been reccomend to us along with there current votes so far:

Armour-Geddon - 1
King's Conquest - 3
Almighty Ruler - 0
King Pong - 2
King's Contention -1
Sieges and Lieges - 1
Sieges Tennis - 0

Now I dont feel that any of those names fit, yet this project isnt being made to appeal to me. If you have any unique ideas, please feel free to reply with them here, or if you like one of the ones already named, give it a vote. NOTE: after completing this process it isnt guarinteed that that name will be chosen, only if its good :). Thanks for the help, I greatly appreciate it!
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Recommended Comments

Here are my early morning suggestions:

-King Pong!
-King Kontention

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[edit] After theosaurising Contention I like the idea of the name King's Contention (the double K makes it feel like a Mortal Kombat rip-off). So far, im going to cast one vote towards King's Contention

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King's Conquest gets one vote. Sounds a little to much like King's Quest to me, but I think thats just because its on my mind.

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When I saw King's Conquest I immediately thought King's Quest.. even though I've only played number 7 for about 10 minutes :).

If I couldn't choose that I'd choose Armour-Geddon purely for its advertising value ^_^.

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I really suck at thinking of names, but I wouldn't go with "King Pong"; you're just asking for Atari to force you to change it later.

You could call it something like "Siege Tennis", but that sounds a bit weak to me. Maybe "Sieges and Lieges", but that's even worse [grin].

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I like Sieges and Lieges, sounds pretty good. I do like King's Conquest but it does remind me too much of King's Quest. Im guessing so far the two main choices are King's Conquest and Sieges and Lieges, King Pong sounds like I should make the game about climing on buildings, lol.

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