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Har har. Notice anything different about my journal title? Told them. :P

In more Mystery Project news, I'll be getting going on the networking side of things today. Grudgingly I'll be writing the whole think from scratch with Winsock rather than putting blind faith in some 3rd party networking lib and hoping to heck it works well. It's going to mean a longer and more arduous path for me, but at least it should be a learning experience. If you're a network programming buff, maybe you should help me out. :)
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Only +3? You would need like +100 or more to make up for all the - bonuses you had to deal with up until now.

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@SSG: Excited enough to help me test boring network stuff in the wee hours of the morning? I could always use more those folks. :)

@Corman: +100? Yeah right. Have you seen the local enchanter's prices? :-O

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