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Back from break, ready to kick some

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OK got to make this one quick otherwise I'll miss my train :)

Been a while since I posted so I figured it was about time to make an entry... I've been pretty busy, downloaded VS 2005 Express (C++/C#/VB) and been playing around that. I got a C# book for xmas which I'm just about done reading. I'd also read a lot about writing a software rendering engine, but I decided to put that on hold because it's not too practical.. Other than that, just... reading lots of various articles and things. Also today I finally got around to fixing the last of the Bobo bugs, like disabling the screensaver, responding properly to Windows Key + M, etc. I'll submit that to GDS when I get back (FINALLY!!). I'm really happy with how it turned out though. Getting rid of those minor glitches makes the game feel a lot more clean and professional. That's about it for now :)

Edit: Submitted Bobo to GDS... That was really easy, I always thought it'd take at least a couple of weeks from the time you submit until the time it shows up in the showcase.
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Not sure about writing a software renderer in C# (calls down to native code like pixel rendering can be rather slow if they are in bulk :/), but nab a C/C++ lib like SDL or Allegro and you can do a surprising number of cool rendering with just 'ol vanilla software.

In light of your recent finishing-up-uns on Bobo, I guess I really ought to give it a more indepth go. My initial test was sort of brief, and it sounds like you've put in enough work into it to warrant some more gaming time from me. :)

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Oh no no, I didn't think of doing the software renderer in C#. Learning C# and writing a software renderer are 2 separate things that I want to do :) I probably will put off writing the software renderer indefinitely. If nothing else, learning about software rendering was a good review of math and the graphics pipeline, but I'd rather invest time into other things.

As for trying Bobo, most of the recent changes have been really minor, just basically getting the game to play with Windows nicely.. So I dunno if you'd notice much of a difference from when you tried it before. Unless of course, you got the timing bug which made the game run way too fast on some machines

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