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I went drinking with some of the folks from Rebellion last night, and while I was at the office I was happily given a copy of Sniper Elite. Naturally, when I got home:

Cameraphone, so it's blurry, but... OOOH YEEEAH. I need to actually play the game to see how much it changed since I worked on it, which was over a year ago now [smile]
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Awesome [grin]

I've not seen it for myself, but I've had a load of PM's asking if I worked on CoD2 because "Hoxley" is in the credits. Go figure.


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So apparently there are people reading the credits [grin]

I'm not too sure what I'm going to do with the games I've made. I think I'll probably leave them shrinkwrapped, and then see if I can later get a secondhand copy. Although ... that's not good for sales is it? [wink]

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Is the secret Ravuya Love Shrine™ still in the game, or did they take it out of the assets bin once they realized what you had done?

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