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Minas Tirith release

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The new Minas Tirith version (10) should be released tomorrow. I've been spending an incredible amount of time today to be ready, and i feel exhausted. This new release should include first-person camera walking/running with full collisions, jumping, and most of all.. physics! You can now make statues fall down, open some doors/gates (just by pushing them), hit candleholders.. I've implemented a cannonball (throwing little spheres), too. It's funny to see balls bounce on the staircases, follow slopes, hit walls, etc.. On the technical side, i've implemented everything with ODE, and it went pretty smoothly, except for a few weird bugs. The worst bug was basically generating invalid normals (NaN) at some contact points, and i found out that it was cause by degenerated triangles (null area) in the dataset. Filtering out these triangles at loading time fixed most of these issues.

This new version will require a lot of memory: no less than 512, one gibabyte is recommended, and 2 GB would be ideal. The city is now close to 5 million polygons, and with 10 levels for LOD, the index arrays data is starting to weight a grand 350 MB of ram. Collision is using a nice amount of memory, too. I'll certainly release a video tomorrow to show off the physics, for those who do not have enough memory or a good graphics card.
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