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Lots of screenshots, cars, early reflections

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I've made a lot of progress on the game...I've got basic reflections into the game...they're not generated in real-time though. The cube environment map is a placeholder created from photos...the actual cube map will be generated in real-time.

I've got characters back into the vehicles, I've also got all of the 30 vehicles back into the game...

Here are some screenshots.

The brake rotors on some cars are still screwed up, and the reflection maps aren't final...they're a little hack I threw together, just to see how it would look and to play with the blending amounts.

Also this is the last call for beta testers in the upcoming Open Beta to test some Gang War multiplayer componenets. If you're interested in being a part of the beta send me an e-mail to please include:
- Name
- Location
- Computer Specs

Here's a lot of images, lemme know what you think. Though the cubemaps are really screwed up in these pictures, I'll have that fixed tommorow.

I've still got a lot of work to do, after the reflections are done, I'm gonna get a nice little glow/blur effect in-game.

- Dan

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Pretty slick, but a couple of them look a bit odd. Just the way the applied cubemap is being distorted across the car's surface, or somesuch. Or I'm just picky. :)

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Yea the cubemaps are really screwed up right now :-) I'll have that fixed later tonight/tommorow I guess.

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I'm liking that little green car.

Also, I think I sent you a PM about getting in the beta, do I still need to fire off an email?

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