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Finer details

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It has always amazed me at how much effort it really takes to get started again at the start of a new year when nothing truely has changed other than the rolling over of the date. So here I am full steam again with my contracted work and all that fun research and development here at Tantrum Games that everyone here has come to love. The close up terrain detailing system is in the process of getting a makeover making the finer details of Protomajor even that more interesting. Usually at this detail level some sort of noise is just added to the heightmap and textures are then blended based on different weighting rules but we are taking the step towards the use of prototextures. With this technique the textures control the fine details versus the previous other way around. Prototextures are still like regular detail textures but with added embedded microgeometry. This system still uses weights but the microgeometry determines how the textures are blended plus the added detail to the final terrain shape. I hope to make screenshots availabe here later. On another note I have always been interested in old world astronomy and nautical equiment such as astrolabes, sextants, telescopes, and globes and I have been on the search for some time for a "globe" that is a Gnomonic projection on a cube. If someone finds one or can point me to were I can acquire a finely crafted one a reward may become available.
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I have been on the search for some time for a "globe" that is a Gnomonic projection on a cube. If someone finds one or can point me to were I can acquire a finely crafted one

Probably not what you're looking for (depending on your skills these may or may not turn out finely crafted), but there's instructions and images for making your own here.

Also other globe shapes here.

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I have come across that site before and have thought to myself once or twice about making one using these templates as my own gores over a fine wood core and shellacking it, but I would still want a good mount. But before then I am still hoping to fine an already existing one of antique likeness and style.

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When I was in college I paid some bills by working for Rand McNally and have always been a little bit of a map geek. I don't know of any commercially available gnomonic projection cubes. I think I once saw a desk ornament/notepad holder that was a gnomonic projection, but it was of pretty cheap quality.

You've got me thinking now, and during my free time I might check with a few of the local map stores here and see if there is anything that is currently being manufactured. If I find anything, I'll PM you.

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