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Pretty Images

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Sir Sapo


Hey everybody!

I don't have much to tell you guys today, I had a swim meet and it lasted all day, so no progamming for me!

Mark was able to finish the battleship I showed you guys earlier, but it's not a battleship anymore, its a cruiser (I guess Mark decided it wasn't big enough). As you can see below, the "cruiser" looks fantastic, and the big battleship is coming together quite nicely as well.

There are going to be many main classes of ships in the game, each one with more specific individual ships belonging to it. The classes we have come up with so far include:

-Escort Carrier
-Super Carrier

I can't wait to finish our preliminary design document and get started coding the battle stuff together, it's going to be really fun and interesting, as I have never tried to write a turn-based strategy game before(any advice Stompy[grin]?).

Well, I will talk to you guys later!
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I just love the style of these ships. A special salute goes out to you and Mark. Keep up the good work.

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I remember an old SNES game, War 3010, having a number of space-borne strategy segments. Might be a good idea to track down a copy.

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