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WARNING: Big Post Approaching

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Okay, so my holidays are about 2/3's done. I had some fun rendering three or four new models for the game. The non-organic stuff is a lot easier to model and animate (or not animate). I feel like I've gotten some real work done lately.

I've added some new player animations (as planned) but right now I'm just making the various animations I need one frame in length, just as placeholders. This is for the purpose of fully implementing the new combat engine I discussed earlier. Once that's done (which will be tomorrow) I'll make sure it's all working, code-wise, then start replacing the placeholder images with full animations.

The combat engine, to elaborate on that, basically adds another dimension to combat beyond just mashing "punch". I figure the game needs something to stand out from the crowd; 2D platformers are a dime a dozen. This isn't exactly revolutionary and won't make me a millionaire, but I think it's enough to keep the gameplay from being generic and boring. Basically, any initial attack (punch, trip, head bop) can be chained into moves that can either do greater damage (if they hit) or make you fall on your ass (if you miss). Plus moves you combo into can be stronger than the normal punch; a punch can be chained into (among other things) a straight kick (slightly greater range) which can be chained into a spin punch (hits to left and right). But don't do the combo unless you know it's going to hit something, otherwise you screw it up and leave yourself open to enemy pounding for a few seconds. Also, some moves get different reactions; for example, a trip does less damage then a punch, but the punch makes an enemy merely recoil while a trip plain old knocks them over. You may want the extra time afforded by this (enemy takes a few seconds to rise again) to deal with another enemy first. Most of this is already implemented; I just need to get the animation placeholders in there, test the underlying code that governs it, then start moving in the finished animations.

The initial moves like the punch give no penalty for missing. But then, you do damage slower too. No risk, no gain.

Some of the new modeling I've done has been for the first level. I want to get the graphics and combat done for that so I can get that new demo out. If I don't, certain people will be calling for my blood ...
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