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Minas Tirith release 10

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The latest version has been released.

Head to the Official Website and download the realtime viewer. System requirements are high, so i would not advise that you download it unless you have at least a Gigabyte of RAM, a 2 Ghz CPU and a 128 MB video card.

For those of you who do not meet the system requirements, i've made a video showing off physics, collisions, first-person walking mode, etc.. It's 6:30 and encoded as usual in Divx4 (50 MB):


And here is another video, low quality version (25 MB), showing off things a bit differently (the beginning is the same though): Smaller video

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Recommended Comments

Looks impressive, downloading the 50mb video now [smile]

EDIT: That is pretty damn impressive for real-time. Nice job!


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looks really awesome, i just wished i had a better graphics card to run it, stupid nvidia geforce 4 mx. Well the videos great anyways, keep up the great work, one day i want to be as good as you lol.

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You're doing amzing work! I can't download the viewer (bandwidth exceeded), but the video was excellent! Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the comments :)

NickGeorgia: a good mix of octrees for culling, hardware occlusion queries (disabled in the EXE right now, back into next patch), and LOD if you've got enough memory.

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