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So in an unusual occurence of something I decided I wanted to resurrect one of my old games.

Years (and I mean years) ago me and a friend used to make simple platform/top-down puzzle games where the main characters were fruit. "Fruit World", "Fruit People" etc...

Not entirely sure why, but I feel like bringing it up to date.

I have an ulterior motive (if I get far enough) to port it over to Direct3D 10 and use it as an example of a "complete game". Thought that might be useful to people.

I'm not actually planning on designing anything yet. I've written so many similar games that I'm quite content with making it up as I go along [lol]

So in the last few hours I have:

  1. Explored basic XInput functionality. That API is so simple I'm still convinced I'm missing something. Absolute beauty.
  2. Set up a basic D3D9 project using "SimpleProject" from the sample browser
  3. Dropped in my D3DUtils code
  4. Dropped in Paul Nettle's mmgr memory leak tracker (best there is imho)
  5. Hacked in a modified version of my XML Log File Utility
  6. Got it drawing the basic game grid.

Mostly foundation/framework stuff, but not bad for a few hours.

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