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I'm Back!

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Rob Loach


First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I decided to renew my GDNet+ subscription as a Christmas present to myself. Rather thoughtful, I am. So welcome me back to the journals!

Anyway, I have loads of things I need to update and write about on here, so I've decided to write about one thing every new post until everything's back to normal and I'm all caught up.


The great evolutional sent me a DLL build of PhysicsFS and I thought it would be great to beable to use the library in .NET (C#/VB.NET/etc). So I began the writings of .NET bindings to the library to eventually be implemented into the Tao Framework. The bindings are pretty much complete, with a working tutorial and complete documentation to go with it. After talking with some of the Tao guys, I ended up emailing the guys over at Mono asking them Tao SVN write access, we'll see how that goes.

What do you think about the name of Tao.PhysFs? I could rename it to "Tao.PhysicsFs". The static class within it is named "PhysFs", but I was thinking of renaming it "Fs" to go along with Tao.OpenGl.Gl . Tao.PhysFs.PhysFs is what it is right now, should it be renamed?

Random Interest

Pet Physiatrics Test
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Welcome back !
Tao.PhysFs.PhysFs is what it is right now, should it be renamed?

Yes. To me, Tao.PhysFs.Fs is a lot easier on the eyes than Tao.PhysFs.PhysFs. Whenever I see the latter, I always wonder if the namespace/extra indirection was really necessary.

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that evolutional guy is cool!

As for the name of the lib; I don't know, you should try to remain consistent with the rest of the framework.

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I think I may just do that. What do you think of Tao.PhysicsFs.Fs?

Tao.PhysFs.Fs .... or ..... Tao.PhysicsFs.Fs?

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