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Been writing writing writing writing. Many writing projects coming up from me, including one that I hope will be useful to many people.

I just wrote up a review of the early GP2X and submitted it to GDNet, if it doesn't go up I'll put it here.

The GP2X is a pretty nifty machine. I fixed my battery issues; I had to get some 2500mAh rechargables though. Playing Monkey Island 2 in bed on a 3.5" LCD has never been so good :)

I've also started working on my GMGX->SDL port. I think it'll go along well, which means the GP2X will also have a potential new tool - as well as the PC.

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So the new batteries have lasted a lot longer than the regular ones?

I look forward to reading the review - I probably won't have the time/money to invest in one, but it sounds like a neat toy anyway [grin]


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