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Now it became official, those two developers posted their 'goodbye letter'

Obviously, some of the tasks performed by them will have to be reasigned to others, but the server specific things (mostly administration issues) will have to be done by me.
This means a small initial stall, until I get familar with some of the tasks they performed (which changed since I originally left the project).

On my side project, I did some work and I am posting a screenshot here (this is only 3 days in the project, so please keep that in mind, ok?)

The time advancement buttons are done and working, the time moves proeprly, the calendar works fine (by calendar I mean keeping track of time, such as how many days in each month, leap years, etc.)
The night shadow thingy you can see there is 'borrowed' from here, althought I did add smoothing for the edges (which almost works, with a few visual artefacts when the sun is in the southern hemisphere (that is, between 22 of June to 22 of March).
Next thing to do is a build new bases interface and stuff.
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Oh, cool, I just noticed (took a look at his journal). However, he is focusing on a totally different aspect, from what I've read there.

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Yeah from what I see and understand this is more of just an overview map versus my full procedural planets. There are many commonalities with planet renderings and this does share some of the same. But even then I am into planets on any scale for any reason from Earth, to Earth-like, and beyond. So if there is anything I could help with feel free to shoot a question or so my way. Keep up the good work, it is looking good. Also take a few minutes to check out UFO: Afterschock.

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Yep, this is just an overview map.
But since you work at a project that creates planets, we might be able to cooperate in the future. We use the same projection from what I've seen, so I was wondering if you have some code used to calculate the distance between two points on the map.

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The system really uses a gnomonic cubic projection ("cube map"), I just have them in a equirectangular projection (cylindrical equidistant "sphere map") for screen shots. But I know the math to do just about any projection as well as any info you would want from it.

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I posted a few questions here
Some nice people responded, but I still do not understand some of the things, such as the exact formula to get the x/y planar points into spherical coordinates.

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Sweet - I can start to see it already [smile]

I forget where I got it from, but I have a cool D3D demo of a spinning earth that has day/night cycles and you can see the lights in the cities turn on over night [oh] It's even got different reflection properties for the water/land/deserts/mountains etc..

All it needs is an atmosphere and it might actually look photo-realistic.

You should copy that [grin]


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I was thinking about using a globe rather than a flat projection, but I decided against it because I believe it is better to have a total overview of the entire map, rather than having to turn the globe around to see bases, crafts, etc.

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