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Who reads these titles?

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The Book

So I picked up the copy I ordered off Amazon.ca of "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0", after leaving it sitting at the post office for a few days to marinate. ;)

I'm very impressed with what I've seen of it so far. I'm not going to jump into it right now, since I have enough coding-related stuff on my plate at the moment. But once things calm down a little I'll stick my nose in there. Lots of interesting topics: 3D math primer, stencil buffer'ing, HLSL & pixel/vertex shaders, effects framework, models (progressive meshes, .x files, etc), and a bunch of other stuff that has already eluded my mind. Even though I don't really use low-level APIs like D3D in my games, I still enjoy learning about What's Going on Under the Hood(tm).

Mystery Project

Okay, okay. Me and Draffurd and working on a good name for it. (Quasi-serious) Suggestions are welcome. :)

EDIT: Looking through the Department of Defense glossary and pulled out "Unlimited War". Who knows? Too lame? :P

v0.02 is nearing completion! Today I finished the TGameServer and TGameClient classes and tested them until satisfaction in the testbed app I had created. Just a simple thing that lets you bounce some data back and forth from the server, but it shows that all of the pieces are functioning properly. Reliable UDP will need to wait until v0.03 or later, when I'm ready to dive into network code again. Hopefully we'll see eachother walking around the map at one point early this week. :)

You can view the v0.02 Roadmap right here to see how very close we are, and what other stuff I've added/fixed.


Holidays are over. Back to school. A couple of weeks, and then exams. My courses are ludicrously easy, so I doubt it'll even put a dent in my gamedev schedule. ;)
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Wow your almost finished with your design? That's HawkNLicious! I'm not even close. I need to stay away from the forums haha.

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