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Overall, 2005 was a great year for me, it was when I stopped "messing around" with various incomplete VB stuff and started to work on more serious projects. Most notably was my 4 Elements 4 game (Zirconia 2), and I've also took part in some mini-contests such as 3H-GDC and LD48.

Right now, I'm currently suffering from programmer's block, not sure what my next project will be. It will most likely be freeware, not trying to go commercial just yet. I've had some initial ideas in my head, but that's just about it. Here are some of those ideas:

* A single-player RPG. I've tried to design an RPG in the past, and never got to finishing it. In order for it to actually be a feasible project, I need to make it "lite" somehow. I don't really want to go for a Diablo-style hack and slash though.
* Simple puzzle-type game. This seems to be the best route for getting a game out quickly. A really saturated genre, I worry that the game may turn out to be too simple and not innovative enough.
* Mini-game collection. I've done some of these in the past, they were quite fun to play. One can easily mix many genres here, I think I may take this route because it seems the most "fun", although I would go for quality over quantity this time.
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RPGs are tough to make, if only because of the large amount of content needed. Even something simple like a Diablo clone requires tons of graphics for monsters, items, areas, etc.

Anyways, good luck with whatever project you end up choosing.

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Puzzle games are oftentimes good projects (although I can only speak from speculation, not experience :P). It's just a matter of getting an interesting concept/idea to design the game around, and going from there. :)

Good luck!

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I probably won't go with an RPG; even simple ones will take quite a while to complete. I'll need to stick to something that doesn't require so much content. I could try a puzzle game that has RPG elements, but not a complete RPG.

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