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Making the call...

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After the replys on my last post, I came to the conclusion that the name would be King's Conquest, until I decided to head over to GoDaddy.com and check out the domain name, where I found out it has been takedn.

On a POSITIVE note, the name of the game has been decided. What is it you ask, well for right now your going to have to wait and see.

On the developmental side of things, everything is coming along as planned. Simon, already being contracted until the end of January, is doing as much as he can for us now considering he has another project to finish wrapping up. We are in the process of disgussion right now, figuring out what style we would like for the game. I have been keeping myself busy. I just recently found out that my computer is a little more broken then expected. It turned out that when its charger pin was broken off of the motherboard it did a nice heaping ammount of damage to some internal parts. Do to this little setback I have decided to purchase an external enclosure for my labtops harddrive, so development can continue while I wait for my labtop to be fixed. Fortunatly though, it is all covered under my worranty, because if it wasnt I couldnt afford to have it fixed.
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Now that we are two induvidual indie developers, we should start a periodic gdnet gathering =)

need to find others around here.

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