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Back to work

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OK, its been a while...

Anyways, I'm back to game programming. I took a bit of a break to keep up with schoolwork. I managed to do a couple projects (a heightmap viewer, a couple model loaders), but not much. I decided I wanted to seriously try to write a functional 3D engine.

After a couple more CS courses, I'm getting more competant in c++. I'm definately understanding pointers, inheritance, polymorphism, and various structures (lists, vectors, trees, etc).

Anyways, I got the basics of the scene graph set up. I created a derived geometry class, whi holdsa static model (loaded from an X-file). I also have a simple DX renderer that creates a window and the DirectX device.

The renderer also traverses the scene graph and adds all renderable nodes to a list of nodes, which are then rendered.

Up next, I'm hoping to implement some sort of spacial culling syatem (most likely an octree). I have a good idea about how to go about it, so hopefully it won't be too difficult (...).

I also want to try looking into some modeling packages. I downloaded the maya PLE, which I found nice, but obviously it doesn't support any exports or scripting. I may just try out blender or milkshape if I cannot find a decent priced copy of Maya or 3D studio (through my school).

Hopefully I will be able to update the journal a bit more often than every year...
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