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Stuck thinking of an appropriate idea...

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Trapper Zoid


It's taking me a while to get back into my working routine, and what with all this admin and various start of the year tasks I have to complete, it might take me until February before I get there, unfortunately.

I'm a bit stuck on planning my next game project. Given that my last completed project was a one week game, I think I need to aim for a one to two month time scale. However, the ideas I'm come up with are either too ambitious in scope (six month to a year or more in duration), or haven't really captured my imagination. It's quite tricky to think of something simple enough to be completed, yet compelling enough to want to complete.

So I'm trying a few brain-storming sessions this week to see if I can hit upon the kernel of a game idea that captures my fancy. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do for some inspiration? I figure I just need the right noun, verb, emotion or idea to spark that bolt of inspiration for a good game idea, but I'm just not sure what.
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When I need some inspiration, I go to wikipedia, type in something that interests you(Airplanes, Guns, AI, etc), and then click through all the "related items" tabs. I swear everytime I go in there, I find something new and interesting that gets me thinking.

Good Luck with your brainstormin'

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I always go see a film, read a games magazine and take a walk around the shops. You usually have a few ideas once you finished, plus the fresh air always helps :-)

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I am suffering the same kind of "programmers block" you have, unsure of my next project.

A suggestion I have would be to take an old game you made and "update" it, add new features, graphics, gameplay innovations, etc. That's kinda what I did for my 4E4 game. As for the game type, it would be wise to lean more towards 'simple puzzle game' rather than 'long drawn-out RPG'. As much as I want to create an RPG, I don't see it happening in the short-term.

Good luck with whatever you end up doing :)

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Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I spent a couple of hours doing random stuff to stir on my imagination, and have a couple of sparks that could form the basis into a decent small game, with a bit of fleshing out with the details. Hopefully I'll have something to start on at the end of the week now.

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