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xRC, my new toy

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So here's something new... a little while ago some bad shit happened that have put me in the place where I am today, long story short, I currently don't have a TV, except for the TV tuner card in this computer. Unfortunately, it's a pretty old TV tuner, so it does not have a remote...

Let's take this story back a few months, to E3... at E3 I won a cool wireless XBox gamepad, not long after I bought an adapter so I could use it on my PC (mostly for game development, I have no PC games that are suitable to play with a gamepad).

Fast forward to the present... one day while watching TV and wishing I could just lie in bed and switch channels, I saw the xbox controller lying around, so I thought to myself... why don't I just write a little program that will map the gamepad's output to keyboard keys...

I have not fully established whether I'll try to sell this, or release it as freeware, I guess I'd like to gauge interest on it and then decide, so, if you're interested and want to try it out, GET IT HERE

Here's a screenshot so you get an idea of what it is:

Oh yea, system requirements:

- Windows XP
- .NET Framework v2.0

Feedback, comments & bug reports are greatly appreciated!
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Thanks =)

Wow, I wish I was that productive when I was bored, thats pretty damn cool.

Me too! lol, I had planned on doing a ton of programming tonight and instead I'm sitting on my ass watching some old movie...

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