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5 days in a row!

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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

I'm so happy, I've managed to update my journal nearly 5 days in a row!

Today Mark and I started the second semester of our junior year, and personally, I'm not too happy about it. I have Calculus as my first class of the day, not a good way to start off, then I go on to Biology AP which is pretty fun, then its off to Comp Sci AP, and then finally to history.

Mark and I haven't been able to really sit down and talk about the game, but he drew up what he thinks the Tactical Screen should look like, and I drew my own layout, so we'll see how they compare. Hopefully we can come to an agreement about the overall look and I can get to coding. My goal is to be able to grab an actual screenshot of the overhead Tactical Screen done before Saturday, but if we can't agree on a design then that might not happen.

In other news, Mark completed the Battleship (as seen last entry), and today he completed an Escort Carrier. Carriers in our game are special units in that they depend almost entirely upon their fighters for offensive and defensive oeprations. Each Carrier can carry a certain number of fighter or bomber squadrons (A squadron of fighters is controlled as one unit). Each turn a Carrier can launch one squadron of ships, at which time the fighter squadron becomes an autonomous unit capable of attacking, defending, and returning to the Carrier to be repaired and rearmed. I want Mark to try his hand at drawing a fighter next, but until then, here's the finished Escort Carrier:

Well, I will talk to you guys later!
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