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Go time

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We're open. Check out the goodness. Special thanks to everyone that volunteered beforehand to help me test it out. If I had to come up with a short summary of what kinds of things you'll see there, the answer is "thinking about interesting problems". Carrying out thought experiments. Of course there'll be the occasional delving into code. We also have a few side projects going; Metalyzer, a calculus tutorial in the works, and Undictionary, which is more random fun than anything productive.

If you find any problems, I'd also much appreciate if you could report on it. Contact info is in the "Contact Us" link on the upper-right of the page (the linked page, not this one, of course).

I think I'll still use this space to post info about the mobile-platform 2D space shooter (think Raptor but freeform and the ability to turn in all directions instead of always facing forward) and Metalyzer (a heuristic analysis engine), but I just can't abide living without all the cool code-widgets I've set up, so it'll be hard to tear me away for very long. [wink]

Thanks to everybody for all their help, and for getting me motivated to develop software in the first place. It's great to have a hobby that's got such an awesome community behind it, and it's a pleasure to be able to give something back by serving the forum itself as a moderator. Speaking of which if you don't get out to the General Programming forum much, you should! We have a lot of smart people, and there's always several interesting topics on the front page.
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