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I gots perks

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One nice perk about being an ASP member is that ASP members like to give perks to fellow ASP members. There are loads of shareware utilities and games and stuff that are available free or at pretty steep discounts for ASP members.

Thus far I only took advantage of the 100% discount for PromptPal, which is a pretty cool enhancement for the old Windows command prompt. Nicest thing is that it's a 2-pane sort of affair, and when you type in a command like "dir", it automatically pops up all of the command-line options.

It also dispenses with the ridiculous "different from everything else in Windows" method of mark-copy-paste that you need to do if you want to move any text to and from the command prompt.

I'll probably share the wealth, with a steep member-discount for Duck Tiles.

Oh, and this comic cracked me up.

Just thought I'd share the wealth.
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