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Moving Forward....

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Rob Loach


School classes are now in full speed now and my schedule is pretty leaniant when it comes to time. Consisting of only four days of classes, I should have enough time to decrease the number of items on my todo list.

After a short chat about the naming convention of Tao.PhysFs with you guys and a number of Tao veterans, I've decide to finalize the name as Tao.PhysFs.Fs. Thanks to Oli for all his help thus far. It should be up within the next two weeks if there arn't any problems with authentication. Today's topic of discussion is....


After becoming a developer on SDL.NET, jendave and I have been working hard finding bugs within the library and adding new features that should be in there. Many GameDev members have since joined the forum it has really helped with bug finding and making the use of OpenGL (Tao.OpenGl) from SDL.NET very easy. We've ported all of the RedBook examples as well as quite a large number of the NeHe tutorials and they work quite nicely.

I implemented a 2D particle engine for SDL.NET and named it SdlDotNet.Particles. Considering how abstract and flexible it is, it could be used with pretty much any graphics medium though. If you take a look at it, you'll notice that it consists of particles, manipulators and emitters. The particles are single particles that fly around, the manipulators change the particles in some way, and the emitters shoot out particles. Rather clever, I find. You can take a look at SDL.NET's Particle Example for a demo.

There are still so many bugs in the library it's not funny. The next release is coming out next week or so. Is there anything that should be implemented that isn't already in there?

Random Interest

Parent's Primer to Computer Slang
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Recommended Comments

Unfortunately I don't have anything to say about the main part of your journal, but I did learn something from your random interest:

"w00t" or the smiley character \o/: An acronym that usually means "We Own the Other Team," used to celebrate victory in a video game.

I never realised that w00t actually had a meaning. I thought it was a combination of a "woo" or "woohoo" and a "hoot" - or something similar [lol]


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Awesome, Rob. I will have to check out SDL.Net in the future.

Speaking of which, how do you go about developing for .NET? Are you using a free C# compiler/IDE or the MS one? I'd like to write a port of GameMonkey Script at some point, but I htink it's effectively a full rewrite!

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It doesn't really matter which IDE you use as .NET Pre-Build generates solution and project files for your projects. It's what is used for both Tao and SDL.NET. Primarily though, I use VS2003 when working with .NET 1.1 (Mono) stuff and VS2005 when working with .NET 2.0 stuff. When neither are around, I have a copy of SharpDevelop installed on my USB key [wink].

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Great. Thanks a lot for coming up with a cool way of designing a particle system. Now I have to go back and revamp my own. [grin]

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