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What help some people can be :)

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While waiting for the engine to get here ive been working on a little side project. Mostly its to keep myself fresh with coding, to put some engine components ive created while waiting to test, and mostly to get a little something of mine into the showcase. With great help of HopeDagger on the engines colision system ( by him figuring out my map switched its x and y around) and by showing me why its not good to use SDLSprite (i've started development on my own Sprite class) I present to you a screenshot:

Whats going on here: Well after HopeDagger helped me figure out that my map was switching its x and y I had to edit and recompile the map editor, and impliement the changed into the project. What you cant see from a still image is fully functional colision/movement/animation. I have until Friday to finish this little project of mine, beacuse im not waisting development time on our main project, so wish me luck. Currently I have no clue what the gameplay will be or anything involving what most games have. This should be fun! (sign...) If you want to throw a simple , quick, NONCOMPLEX game idea out there go for it. I need one bad, lol.
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Wow, that looks almost exactly like the map I built for an A-Life experiment several years ago (I think there's a picture of that in my journal).

I had a big square island like that, and then put swarms of critters in there that would do basic flocking and chasing of each other. There wasn't any game as such, but it was cool to watch!

Here's a link to a picture of the goblin swarms in my journal [smile].

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I just found your journal and felt I had to say this, EDI helped me get my journal too =), I don't have a credit card so we had to go through this long process with blah and blah for a month or so, well whatever I'm rambling =).

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CRX: Yea Dispite his smell, hes a nice guy, j/k. EDI has done his fair share of helping me out. Glad to know he did the same for you

Trapper: Errie resemblance

Others: I have the idea!!! More to come soon!

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