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Ah, so I've just suffered one of the most disasterous reinstalls ever and I'm currently playing backup and format on one of my harddrives... infact, I might have todo another one as well as I dont expect its disk check to go much better.

I'm mostly blaming Win2K for this.. but thats another matter.

On the upside I found a 2gig iPod nano monday night, so that was nice. Yes, I'm keeping it, yes its technically theft, no I dont care. The way I see it, if you are dumb enuff to leave an iPod sitting in a toilet when it has a perfectly good strap you could have used to keep it on you you deserve to lose it.
Also, someone stole an mp3 player from my coat a few years back, so I'm seeing this as a kinda reverse karma.
(and no, this isnt someone Xmas present, the thing is bent and very beatup, I'm surprised it works to be honest...)

Anyways, while I wait for stuff to happen I took the time to watch Be Cool on cable, which is a damned good film, and reflected on the annoyance of being reminded of someone I'm trying to avoid thinking about for the next few months..

I also considered the whole programming thing and came to the conculsion that really, I'm not a game programmer.

I started off writing little games when I first started but even that very quickly changed into writing tools and libs for others to use and really, despite a flirtation with some HL mods that hasnt really changed. My two major projects have both been libs for others and the one which I hope to kick off towards the end of this week will also be a lib.

Well, I say the end of this week, I could have had an email today saying otherwise, however I dont fancy downloading my email on my phone to find out, so I probably wont have mail until tomorrow now as I'd like to goto bed at some point.

Hmmm, still an hour of copying left.. I might go and watch another film...
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"Ouch!" on the whole HDD/failure front. Sounds like the sort of thing that most gives most computer people nightmares [oh]

I found a 2gig iPod nano monday night
But you didn't say if it had any good music on it [grin]

I know someone who found a beaten up old mp3 player last year, wasn't gonna hand it in - but on finding out they couldn't change the awful music on it, they did [lol]

I'm not a game programmer.
I've started leaning more towards the "middleware" side of things. Not sure why, but it definitely appeals to me more than game development. I'm hoping that in the future theres a half decent middleware industry going that I can move over to a career in.


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