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No real pictures today :(

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So Christmas is over and I'm back at school. I've been meaning to update my journal, but I've got a serious lack of new pictars. Instead, I'll run through a short list of things I've been doing and conclude with a screenshot of me working.
  • I setup a subversion server on my Gentoo box and moved the entire project into a new repository. This should help save on disk space as the project grows and avoid the need for manual versioning of WIP assets. I'm still keeping the old backup script for hardcopy backups.

  • I went through a short period of time where I was considering porting the code from C to C++. In the end I decided there wasn't much to gain and it would probably end up taking lots of time. And I'd probably run into lots of unforseeable issues.

  • I received a bunch of game development books from a professor as a gift, so I've been reading lots of interesting material. One of the books, "Real Time Collision Detection" by Christer Ericson, has been pretty useful in planning out how to partition space for efficient rigid-body physics. I'm thinking I'll separate the game into a few discreet worlds separated by a transition screen/movie during load-time. Then, I'll have the world divided into sectors with portals between each sector. The portal will be a mesh and will function as a window. I'm thinking I can use GL_occlusion_query to determine if the portal is visible or not. Next up, the sectors contain a bunch of bodies which can collide and so forth. Bodies include everything from entities and objects to structures (the differentiation is at a higher level). After that, I'll have another octree (or some other kind of spatial partition) for each body. This will be used to collide the soft-body parts of the body's mesh with the body's hull. The hull will be a (very) low-resolution version of the base mesh and will have its own format. I'm open to comments since this will be my first heavy 3D collision work.

  • I've been trying to figure out how to integrate real-time cloth into the engine for a while now. I recently discovered Blender's soft-body capabilities. It allows you to set soft-body values on a per-object basis and paint a per-vertex soft-body influence on the mesh. This gave me the idea of integrating soft-body support right into the mesh. You'll be able to specify which vertices are immobile or soft and the rigidity of each edge. It seems feasable and I've already begun adding soft-body support to the Blender exporter for my native mesh format.

  • I purchased a 3 month membership to 3d.sk, a website with lots of reference material for 3D artists. So I've been running a download spree on my Gentoo box - I think I've got around 4.5 gb out of the 17+ gb of available material so far. I can access the material on my Windows machine via Samba. I switched the 80 gb hard drive that wasn't doing too much from my Windows machine and stuck it in the Gentoo box for use as a Subversion and Samba host. So there's 40 gb for Subversion (probably way more than I need) and 40 gb for Samba (half of which will be taken up by 3d.sk). I'll probably want to backup the 3d.sk stuff onto hard copy in case of hard drive failure, but I lack a DVD writer and I'd need about 25 CDs or so.

  • I splurged on a new video card to replace my shaderless Geforce 3 - its a Geforce 6600 with pixel shader 3.0 support! This will be great because it means I can finally start doing some high quality rendering work. So no more lame pictures from me. :D

This is me adjusting the blacksmith mesh anatomy using a reference from 3d.sk in Wings 3D.
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