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Making a ton of progress on the game...as usual. Puttin in 16 hour days....just chillin' here working on the game. Gotta get it ready for beta.

Everything is falling into place, I'm about to go put the Master server/game servers online in a day or two. They'll be sitting on a T1 line, it's being installed today (11th).

I'm having to essentially re-do every part of the game since I switched model formats. I just made a lot of progress on the animation blending. Also I converted all the old weapons to use the new model format, and I had to wrestle to get them hooked onto the skeleton. There are 13 weapons in the game right now, and 53 different interactable entities total.

I forget all of the stuff I've added into the game today, the list would go on forever. I've got a few more crucial days of work left until the first major testing of the game will occur.

I'm really a fan of anti-aliasing all of a sudden, especially at lower resolutions like 800x600. I'm suddenly sold on it. Thanks to Laz for reminding me to add it into the game, otherwise I probably wouldn't have :-) All of the screenshots below are taken @ 800x600 with 4X AA.

Look at the car screenshots from the last entry also...they rock [grin]



Sniper rifle



Butcher knife

If Counter-Strike:Source can get away with 2 player models per team, I can do with 3 per gang [grin] I realllly need more player models.

Damaged car...note the reflections. And ignore the missing brake rotors [grin]

Phew...that's it for now.

- Dan
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Yup...AA is your friend!

Well, a friend that takes up alot of your time but looks good...Kind of like a girlfriend....ho ho ho!

(No body tell my girlfriend I said that!)

It's looking good (as usual)! Keep up the good work!

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Ah ah, what i discovered today while reading my favorite sites:


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I like how all the white guys are police men and all the black guys arn't.... Are you saying something here?

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Huzzah! The AA makes the game look much better, good thing I pushed you to do it! Now if only I could get you to send me 50% of the money your game makes when it's big and huge and poopular!

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Yeah AA is nice if you afford it. :) Great screenshots, they are a leap ahead to those done before you've redone the graphics engine. Good thing you've invested the time for doing that.

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Ysaneya - Too bad my French is so Rusty ;-) Thanks for pointing that out though.

I wish GameSpot & IGN would update the screenshots they have on their site lol. They have old ones from March '05 when my publisher announced the signing of the game.

Right above the images it says "IGN Your source for Gang War Screenshots/Videos!" *sigh*. Some other sites are much better at keeping up with these things, hopefully they'll update the screenshots sometime soon lol.

Glad you guys like the way the game's lookin. Antialising was really worth the effort ;-)

I've got a ton of work to do on the game, though the open beta will start soon so I can relieve my stress by blowing people away in the game. Muhahaha.

- Dan

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I wish GameSpot & IGN would update the screenshots they have on their site lol. They have old ones from March '05 when my publisher announced the signing of the game.

You could try to get in touch with them and let them know there's new screenshots available.(Assuming that you haven't done so) [wink]

Anyways, I always thought your screenies looked great for an indie. But with the AA, your screen shots look great, period.

keep up the good work

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