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GMScript 1.24c

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Greg released GameMonkey Script version 1.24c today which fixes a critical bug in the GC and adds a couple of extra helper modifications (including one by me [grin]).

In other news, I completed my review of the GP2x and took some nice pictures of it (looks good, actually). I'm still waiting for the GMScript articles to go up though.

Secondly, I'm looking to start up a new writing column, talking to indie developers about their team and the games they make. I am currently working with three developers for the pilot and I have a feeling that what they have to say and show us is going to be pretty special. I'll not mention any more about this just yet.

Thirdly, I can see the GP2x unit starting to become popular in March or so (when it's on mainstream release). It's my intention to get up some simple development articles for the system using initially SDL and then hopefully exploring it deeper as the information becomes more readily available. I've been cross developing on the system for a few days now and I already love it :)
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Very nice... Why would you want a full C# port of GameMonkey as opposed to a P/Invoked library? Yes, the object oriented .NET interface is nice to work with, but making port updates when the original library is updated is such a pain. I know that Axiom ran into some problems with this. It would also be nice to have it beable to run on Mono, which shouldn't be a problem.

Another solution would be to write the P/Invoke hard bindings and then put an object oriented layer ontop of it. Some problems might be brought up when dealing between GameMonkey's GC and .NET's GC.

By the way, your GameMonkey articles seem to have some troubles finding the evolutionaldg.gmarticle table...

You can now read a number of strongly typed array formats directly from Tao.PhysFs; very nice. I'm working on a SDL.NET assembly for Tao.PhysFs support.

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