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Having spent far far too much time fighting with a harddrive to see what data I could save I finally snapped and I've decided to make some decent backup arrangements.

The plan is a simple one;
- buy new 8 port switch
- buy some cat5 cable
- buy an 80gig network harddrive

Once this kit turns up, replace old switch in house for new, climb into loft, run cat5 cable from switch to safe location, place harddrive in safe location, connect up and power on.

tada, one networked backup solution [grin]
sure, its basic, but it didnt cost the earth and it should do for backing up source files, sdks and the like.

Ofcourse, I should really do a DVD backup of stuff as well, however I figure this method should do me for most backup needs most of the time. And if I run out of space or need more then I just need to plug another network harddrive in and away I go [smile]

Now, to answer Jack's questions about the iPod.
The music selection is... intresting [grin]
With such artists as;
Sham 69
Reel Big Fish
MC Hammer
Dying Fetus
Bob Marley
and ofcourse, a Hardcore Heaven album [grin]

I spent some time listening to it while I was fixing my computer, I dont know who this iPod belonged to but they have a music taste about as random as mine *chuckles*

Back to computer fixing I guess.. still, on the upside, my BSOD on bootup has gone away, yay! :D
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Hmm, backup solutions - I've got a RAID-1 array in my machine, and run off periodic DVD backups for "offsite colocation" (sounds clever don't it?).

I'd look into some sort of RAID configuration. The one time a disk failed on me (no idea why, it's been fine since) it popped up a boot warning and indicated that the array was functional but damaged. Nothing wrong as far as Windows was concerned. Restarted the box and went into the manager where it promptly re-mirrored all of the data from the working drive to the broken one. Started working again just fine with no warnings/errors [grin]

Now, to answer Jack's questions about the iPod.
The music selection is... intresting [grin]
With such artists as;
MC Hammer

[wow] I never thought I'd see a playlist with Muse alongside MC Hammer.

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