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TimeKila, with exception of content adding, is done! Gameplay works, menus are in, everything is pretty much there. Its pretty cool that it only took me two days to get this far, man it was a smart idea to make a game engine, lol. Also due to the fact that I ordered the wrong part from NewEgg.com (whoops!) I have around another week or so of development to put into this here project.

Now, for your eye's pleasure, I present to you, the three stages of TimeKilla:

Some things ive scrapped (and there reasons):

- Arrows (due to lack of artwork, and its pretty bas as is)
- Powerups (although not scrapped yet, there just isnt any art to acompany them)

Some things I would have/still want to add:

- Network Multiplay (this game is most defantly fun, even though I have only played one player so far. There just isnt that many opportunitys when you have someone willing to play with you)
- Sound (im actuially thinking about adding it in these few days, yet I hate using generic stuff in my games, expecially sounds.)
- Different Characters (yet again, due to artwork)
- Multiple Maps (guess why, artwork)

If you want to lend a helping hand, guess what I need :). If not stick around and enjoy, but seriously folks, I need some art here!
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Making a bridge between such small islands is a waste. You used all of your resources to build 'em, rendering the islands totally barren. I want a raft to move from island to island.

And some crabs.

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Pfft, crabs and a raft == art. The bridges make it so you can run from your opponent while trying to get some health, also im making a few new maps before it hits the showcase

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