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Final stuff for today...

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Jan 9th: The latest batch of GP2X consoles have just arrived from the factory - we will be testing them all before shipping so please be patient if your order takes more than 24 hours to arrive. They will feature the latest firmware 1.2.1 - with full TV out support!

This means my GP2x might well be here tomorrow if now I'm hoping for Friday [smile]

Looks like I just got another reason to get my system back up and running properly [grin]

Oh, and Jack, the reason I didnt go for a RAID system was because, although I technically can via SATA I dont think I have the matching drives to allow it (I have two 233Meg drives but iirc one is IDE and the other is SATA).

I guess I could check... Its not like I'm short of space with a 500gig drive knocking about, but the external storage somewhere away from my machine (and the heat) is still something I've been meaning todo for a while [smile]
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Bastards, I can't get mine to upgrade to 1.2.1 because my 2x won't boot from the SD card :(

Have fun with it - we'll have to get together and do some hacking with it :)

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