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v0.02 Complete. Onward to v0.03!

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v0.02 of Mystery Project is complete. Finally. The roadmap ended up much larger than it had started out. You can view it in all of its uncensored glory here.

What was added? Well, I tweaked movement prediction some more, and now the player 'warps' to his proper position if he's offtrack by more than 80 pixels. This is a little lame (and looks sort of ugly), but it's better than shooting at a player that's in the wrong spot. Hopefully I'll fine-tune my movement prediction method in the future so that this occurs less often. :)

Players can also leave the game, now. Seems like a given, but it was one of the last features, hehe. A server will drop a player if: a) the player has sent a quit-notify packet, or b) the player has been inactive (no packets in) for more than 3000ms. The server will then bounce that packet to all players. The client will drop a player if: a) they've gotten a quit-notify packet from the server, or b) the player is inactive for 5000ms. I'm a bit more leniant with the client dropping players since during some lag spikes, it can last for several seconds. The numbers will be tweaked based on performance.

The Test Map(tm)

Draffurd finished the Test Map today, which he tentatively named, "13th Street". Quite chucklesome. ;) It's a very nice map which I think is going to be a total blast to play with other players online once we get some firepower in. Draffurd has worked his buns off making new graphics for Mystery Project, and the map certainly reflects this. It's covered with all sorts of grime/blood/paper/etc objects that create a nice ambient feel to it. Today myself and two brave testers -- thanks ShoeStringGames and Eliwood! :D -- logged on and ran around the map a bit, playing a game or two of hide-and-seek and tag. Still able to have fun without guns. Maybe I should just not add guns and create "Pacifist Combat". :P

(Nobody else around; I took this one before they caught up to me :P)


Went computer shopping today, as well. Draffurd gave me $500(CAN) to buy him a nice computer for his residence at U of T, so I went off and nabbed him one. While I was there, I couldn't resist but to buy a cheapy PII 866MHZ compy to use as a server for my own uses. It'll sit nicely right under my desk, and host my files, my website (when I make one :P), and one day the master server for Mystery Project. Here's the clunker:

(Don't mind Simba; he's quite photogenic!)

More news on that as it develops. ;)

Map Editor

The Map Editor got a healthy beefing as well. Thanks to suggestions by Draffurd it now checks the existance of files before attempting to load them. An obvious one, but I forget these things. :P You can also now hold CTRL and click to erase tiles, rather than having to scroll up to the top and select the Eraser tile. Also optimized the map drawing, cutting down about 25% of the degenerate tiles being drawn. It still runs pretty slow on big maps, since GDI+ is software-limited. And software is teh slow. :)

Phew, lots done today. Started v0.03 tonight and converted all bitmaps to PNGs by writing a little Python script. Next up is global chatting ingame!
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There must be somthing about buying a cheapo computer and making it into a server.

Check out the one I did a while ago, it is unfortunately de-funct now, but it was cool while it lasted, check out the chic paint job by yours truly =)

this was our subversion server running linux, but after leaving my previous job (where I hosted it) not liking linux, and forgetting the root password, it fell into decay =)

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There must be somthing about buying a cheapo computer and making it into a server.

Yeah, because they're cheap! That baby only cost be $65(CAN). :)

Check out the one I did a while ago, it is unfortunately de-funct now, but it was cool while it lasted, check out the chic paint job by yours truly =)

Very nice! But I like my servers how I like my ogres: ugly. :P

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