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Still chugging away on the game. I've made a ton of progress today/night.

I've re-written the camera system in the game. I've made a lot of progress on blending of two animations together (shooting & running for instance), I can't even remember half of the other things I added into the game. I made some nice optimizations for about a 10% speed gain, I've also fixed a lot of bugs that have been nagging me.

Tommorow I'm going to re-write the combat/weapon system in the game....as well as the half-completed conversation system. Plus I'm hoping to add a particle system into the game as well.

I'm going to try to make some more videos of the game once I get everything polished back up also, so keep checking back :-0

Hmmmm it's 7AM....time for sleeeep.

Here's a quick screenshot I grabbed before shutting down for the night -

- Dan
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Looking real good. I see you have corrected the rotor issue. Looking forward to seeing the videos. Again great job and ggod luck.

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Yeah, I can't wait till I can try it out! What changes are you going to make to the weapon/shooting system? It will be fine as long as you DON'T take inspitation from the GTA series. ;-)

Talking about shooting, what kind of prediction algorithms are you using (if any)? I don't know yet how much shooting the average player will be doing while playing the game but I know that bad prediction can cause a lot of frustration.

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The movement/interaction is different than GTA's...I'll make a post about it in a day or two, it's pretty cool...all I can say now is...radial menus + free-look-behind-the-shoulder-gun-cam and lots of cool camera angles you can choose from.

I'm just using basic client side interpolation and dead-reckoning to counter lag and infrequency of packet transmission. Though the game is going to require a broadband connection and the servers are limited to 6 people each...so there shouldn't be too many problems with lag.

- Dan

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