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tucows.com has a sleazy business practice... their business model is to make people buy expedited software submission, if you don't, they'll place your program in a queue, a LONG queue, EasyShots is currently at 1009/1634, which means it'll be about 30 days before it gets CONSIDERED to be posted.

Now, their submission website is IMO messy, lately I've seen several, some are really bad, some are real nice, some just get the job done...

Anyway, what's the sleazy business practice? well, after my program has been sitting in a queue for about 40 days, they send an email saying the application has been rejected.. here's the reason:

because the submitted file was named one
of the following: setup.zip, setup.exe, install.zip or
install.exe. Please choose a file name related to your

First, the file name is setuptrial.exe, but I understand it's not related to my program, so I agree with them, what I don't agree is that nowhere in the submission page did it said "warning: if your program has this criteria, it will be rejected", and if it does say it, it must be some really small print, because I'm pretty sure I read everything, at least everything that wasn't hidden away by some tiny link somewhere.

Now, why is this sleazy? because after 40 days, they put you right back at the end of the queue... back at 1634/1634... it took me < 1 minute to upload a second installer named explorepp_setup.exe and to update the info on tucows.com, and now I have to wait 82 days. Yes, EIGHTY TWO!

But, for $50 you can buy expedite submission... for $65 you can buy expedited and you get to choose the date you want from a little box, and for $2000 you get expedite all your submissions for a year..

Now this may work for a large corporation that mass produces software, or for those developers that have had an insane streak of hits that generate tons of money... but for a guy that's just starting out, and who has actually invested more money than what he's made so far, it just doesn't work.

What's even funnier is that in 82 days, I'll probably have a v2.0 or more of Explore++.. which means I'll have to resubmit, or submitting the update will take at least 40 days... but they'll be nice to offer me expedited submission.

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