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Revise, Revise, and more Revising

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Writing a system that requires maximum flexability surely is very hard work, but I'm getting closer. I'm planning on having the management tools for the clusters (realms), servers (physical) and processes finished by 2/1/2006. I'll be posting a screenshot with a listing of features this weekend. Hopefully someone will take a look and possibly have some interest in the project, but I doubt it. heh

So far we have the ways to monitor the clusters, server and processes. I'm working on getting the control application defined and coded right now.

After this, I can finally move into the design of the servers (software) that will support MMOArchitect.

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I find the worst thing I can do is set myself a deadline and tell everyone about it. Because more often than not I won't make the deadline and lose my credibility. :X

Of course, I'm sure you'll finish it! :)

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the best thing you can do is set a deadline and tell people about it, because you might actually make it least you be discredited =D

keeps you honest =D

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