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My first entry!! :)

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Where to start??? Well...I've been working on my 3D engine, Jet3D. We are trying to upgrade it from DirectX 7 to DirectX 9 and are running into some design issues.

Our engine uses a BSP to render and we've finally found a way to batch render. We decided that the BSP is only good for collision and the engine's toolset. We will render the world using a combination of occlusion culling and frustum culling.

More to come later...
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Hey, welcome to GDNet+.

Jet3D is by you? I remember looking at it a while back and being suitably impressed. I hope your conversion to DX9 goes well and look forward to reading about your progress.


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I used to be in the G3D community a long, long time ago. Glad to see Jet3D is still continuing development. [grin]

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Welcome to journal land, here is some ++ for starting a journal and your previous good work.

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Welcome to journal land! I saw Jet3D a while ago, looked pretty impressive.... I loved this shot:

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Thanks everyone. It's nice to feel welcomed. :)

It's actually by Eclipse Entertainment, but was handed over to me by them to continue development back in 2002. We took a short hiatus from developing it and decided to go back to it early last year. Reason is that it has what most free engines don't have...a level editor. Why recreate the wheel when I can make this one better? favorite shot also Rob. :)

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