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Unnamed beat-em-up

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The DLL problems seem to be fixed, so give Bob a try.

I'm going to get started on writing the code for my beat-em-up game. I haven't come up with a name for the game yet, but it is a superhero game, so it will probably be called whatever the hero's name is. I haven't decided the hero's name yet either.

My first step is to write the basic code for graphics, drawing text, and audio. It will be written as a C++ wrapper around SDL and it's extensions. I've always been confused about what the exact definition of a game engine is, so I guess what I'm about to do qualifies.

The game will have a very hand-drawn look to it. By that, I mean that I'm personally going to draw the graphics by hand. Although my drawing abilities aren't that great, they are nowhere near as bad as me trying to do the graphics in MS paint. Hopefully once the game starts to come together, I can get an artist to help me out.
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Very cool... I got to level 3 and then died half way through. Work on Bob more! It's pretty awesome. Reminds me of Dangerous Dave [wink]. Implement more enemies!

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