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Long time no siege

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Well the time for exams has sprung up on me again, like some cunningly placed jungle trap. And naturally my response to this immense burden of work is to wander off and start a side project, which probably isn't one of the best ideas, but it keeps me off the streets(being 21 and all...). Anyway more to the point, I've been strictly adhering to a diet of other libraries, instead of doing something stupid and coding my own(a cookery analogy would be fitting here also). First up was the obligatory update of boost, primarily for boost::python, the very cosy wrapper around most of the repeatidly duplicated Python glue code. If you've ever had to mingle with raw Python C API calls and reams of error checking, you'll know it's not the nicest substance to have smeared around your app, and boost::python is like the pampering you see off the horlicks adverts(although it's purely psychological, I've yet to be attacked by hugs).

The next is Crazy Eddie's GUI, I remember a few eons ago when it started up that it looked very promising, and I've stumbled upon it again recently, and decided to have a tinker. They've got so many fancy features, my favourite being the ScriptingModule interface.. it took me about 15 minutes(no, really), to have a complete Python event handling system. This code only handles the events coming in, so it's basically only a few PyRun_SimpleString(...) calls. I've also noticed they've got a PyCEGUI add-on for Ogre(it seems), knocking around somewhere, but it seems more for extending Python than embedding, and is in it's infancy at the moment, but I suppose it can't hurt to have a mess about...
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