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Darcy ... RAWR!

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And for everybodies satisfaction a Darcy Rawr!

... and a biggar one ...

Darcy is our puppy, and he has just recovered from some fairly nasty infections. The Vets thought he was going to die (most of the 4 days he was with the Vets they said this). Anyway, he is now terrorizing the house and barking at bigger dogs... very amusing. I should try and get some video up here.
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That dog is just the cutest thing I've ever seen, he looks great [smile]. What sort of size will he grow to be? He appears to be some kind of terrier so my thought is he'll be quite small.

More pictures of his cuteness please!

Edit: Your full-size link appears to be broken, 'JPG' instead of 'jpg' :)~

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Cheers, link is fixed. Forgot about that. (the .JPG is the small one for some reason while the large one is a .jpg... weird)

He is a Chihuahua/Silky Terrier Cross. He grows to about 25cm tall (Under 1') which he is nearly at now. I will be posting up 9 more pics later today once I get them uploaded :)

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