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Well I've been reading "Beginning C++ Game Programming" and I never realized how much I didn't know about classes, arrays and pointers. I need more practice. Therefore, I am going to scale back a bit and leave OpenGL a while and try to learn C++ better and OOP design. My assumptions in the past about how to program a class must be unlearned. When I designed "Tailgater" in the first GameDev contest I mostly followed Lamothe's examples. I could make a simple game relatively quickly, but the understanding was weak. Thus, I am turning over a new leaf and concentrating on programming simple games (maybe just windows console for a while) in C++. It shall be fun. I will make it fun!

In other news, I looked at Support Vector Machines a little more closely. It seems that this methodology is much like any other classifier, but it tries to find separation hyperplanes (just talking about the linear SVMs) that maximize the distance between training points that are close to the hyperplanes. It's pretty interesting, but I haven't tried to implement an algorithm as yet.

Someone posted some interesting link in the AI forum about flocking. This was a wonderful link. I have some plans to do some type of flocking with NNs. I'll just have to find the time. Anyway. Back to the future.
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