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Scene graph

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I've gotten a very basic scene graph up and running and have started in on collision detection. Wrote a bounding sphere class today which i'll initially use for collision detection and frustum culling (which I haven't implemented yet). Will also take a look at some other things when I get a chance (AABB comes to mind).

Sadly, my framework has gotten up to about 7,000 lines of code (actually a lot more if I was to include SDL and TinyXML in the count) - and all it currently does is draw a couple of untextured triangles to the screen. However, I do have a fair bit of code i'm not currently using (model loaders, particle engine, texture loaders) - so it's not that bad.

Anyways, once I get basic collision detection up and running i'd like to create a simple game to test everything out. 3D pong sounds kinda boring, so i'm leaning towards mini-golf or billiards/pool.

Once i'm done with that i'd like to come up with a long term goal of a game/project to work on.
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