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I'm stuck at uni without an Internet connection [depressed] actually, that means I can get some actual work done [wink] I'm currently writing a 2D game for my university project.

Not having Internets causes problems though. I'm drawing all the fonts myself (bitmap fonts [sad]), recording all the sounds myself [grin], and stealing textures/sprites from wherever I can find them because I'm too lazy to make my own. Also, as usual, I got sidetracked. This time I started writing an XML-style data format with syntax that I like better. I call it IML, Inextensible Markup Language. It's not really markup language, but who cares? It'll probably never leave my computer.

Also, I have time to do other things... - say hi to Malcolm, made with a friend due to boredom.
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Malcolm does rule. I can't take the credit for Malcolm though - he's mainly Adam's work!

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