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Event Subsystem, Optimization, and Gui Foundation

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Since my last post, I have been spending my efforts on integrating game events into Azrial. So far, so good.

After completing the event subsystem, I moved onto writing a generic user interface system. I am aware of all of the libraries out there that already do this for you, but 90% of the fun of game development is doing to work yourself and learning from your own mistakes.

Anyway, so I decided to develop my interface as a heirarchical tree. I will describe the gui more in a later post, when I get a few more generic UI components written up (buttons, textfield, textarea).

The components that I did complete include:
-Borders (can be added to any component)

I was off to a great start, until I decided to make a panel that displays my current FPS. I was shocked to find out that my FPS was down to 40 (I had a bug in my original fps log file).

I went on an optimization kick, and brought the fps back up to 65. I still have more tricks up my sleeve, but it suffices for now.

Next post, I'll show off my new generic interface system with some screenshots, and perhaps some code snippets for the gamedev community.
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No no. I wasn't implying that the G in GUI stood for generic. I just spelled out user interface because some people read this journal that don't have a programming background.

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