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Another Platformer?

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I've decided that I want to make my new project a platformer that plays like Megaman. Blocky Man and Bob are both based on Mario, meaning they have a focus on running and jumping and aren't really focused on combat. This new game will focus on blasting through enemies and fighting boss battles.

The reason I'm starting over is, for one, I just want to try new things. Secondly, I want to finally make a game that has a real story and an epic setting.

I've thought out the setting and somewhat the plot for this new game, and I'm ready to get started.

I've already made some good progress on the "Engine". I'm going to refer to it as an Engine, although it is really just a C++ wrapper around SDL. As of now, I can initialize the engine and draw images with it. That's what it is capable of so far.

I really love the old megaman games, so that is pretty much what this new game is going to be like.
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I thought you next game was going to be a beat-em-up? What happened?

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I started coming up with this idea for the plot. When I origionally thought of it, it seemed like a good idea to make it a beat-em-up game. I've decided now that It might be better as a shooting game like megaman.

However, it should be noted that I haven't even started coding the actual game yet, so I might go back to doing a beat-em-up.

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